EEA3 Stage 4: Speeches


EEA3 Stage 4
Sibiu, Romania, 4-9 September 2007

"The light of Christ shines upon all.
Finding, in the crucified and risen Christ, new light
for the path to reconciliation among the Christians of Europe"


    Tuesday, September 4

  1. Welcoming Act
  2. Greetings from Representatives of CCEE and CEC Presidencies
  3. - The Very Revd. Margarethe Isberg, Deputy Vice-President of CEC (FR - DE - EN)
  4. - H.E. Cardinal Josip Bozanic, President of the Croatian Bishops' Conference and Vice-President of CCEE (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  5. Greetings from local church and civic leaders
  6. - H.E. Metropolitan Dr. Laurentiu Streza, Archbishop of Sibiu and Metropolit of Ardeal (EN - RO)
  7. - H.E. Bishop D. Dr. Christoph Klein, Evangelical Church A.B. in Romania (EN)
  8. - H.E. Mgr. Dr. György Jakubinyi, Archbishop of Alba Iulia (DE - EN - HU)
  9. - His Excellency Johannis Klaus Werner, Mayor of Sibiu (IT)

  10. Wednesday, September 5

    The Light of Christ and the Church

    Unity, Spirituality and Witness

  11. Opening Prayer
  12. Signs of the light of Christ in Europe
  13. - His All Holiness The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  14. - Revd. Anthony Peck, European Baptist Federation, Great Britain (DE - EN)
  15. - Magister Evelina Martelli, Italian Bishops' Conference, Italy (DE - IT)
  16. Opening Plenary
  17. - Greetings of His Excellency Mr. Trajan Basescu, President of Romania (DE - EN - FR - IT - RO)
  18. From Basel to Sibiu
  19. - Ms. Sarah Numico, Roman Catholic, Italy (IT)
  20. - Ms.Monika Heitz, Old Catholic, Austria (DE - EN - FR - RO)
  21. Opening of Third European Ecumenical Assembly
  22. - His Eminence Cardinal Péter Erdö, President of CCEE, Hungary (EN - IT - FR - DE)
  23. - Revd. Jean-Arnold de Clermont, President of CEC, France (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  24. Greetings
  25. - His Eminence Metropolitan Daniel of Moldova and Bucovina, Locum Tenens of the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church (EN - RO)
  26. - His Excellency Ioan Robu, Archbishop of Bucarest and President of the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference of Romania (RO)
  27. - Bishop László Tökes, Reformed Church in Romania, Kiralyhagomellek District (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  28. Addresses - The Light of Christ and the Church
  29. - His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Catholic (DE - EN - FR - IT - RO)
  30. - H.E. Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Orthodox (EN - DE - FR)
  31. - Bishop Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Chairperson of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Protestant (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  32. Messages
  33. - His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI (DE - EN - RO - IT - FR)
  34. - The Most. Revd. and Rt. Honourable Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
  35. - Greeting from Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, Switzerland (- EN - FR)
  36. Fora on the sub-themes of the day
  37. Forum 1 - Unity
  38. The different agreements already existing between churches
  39. - Leuenberg Church Fellowship (CPCE): Revd Dr. Michael Bünker, Austria
  40. - Porvoo Common Statement: Ms Steinunn A. Björnsdóttir, Iceland
  41. - LWF-PCPCU agreement on Justification: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thönissen, Germany
  42. Visions for the church unity
  43. - Bishop Adolfo Gonzáles Montes (Catholic, Spain) (ES)
  44. - Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Delikostantis (Orthodox, Ecumenical Patrairchate) (DE)
  45. - Prof. Dr. Friederike Nüssel (Lutheran, Germany)
  46. The recognition of the baptism as a first step towards the visible unity between the churches
  47. - Bishop Dr. Gusztav Bölcskei, Hungary
  48. Forum 2 ­ Spirituality
  49. Spiritual life as life of prayer: "The light of Christ shines in our hearts: the life of the Spirit in us"
  50. - Fr. Enzo Bianchi, Bose Community, Italy (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  51. - Sr. Pierrette Guinchard, Grandchamp, Switzerland
  52. "The ecclesiological dimension of spiritual life:"Those into whose hearts the light of Christ shines are called to live in communion, in the image of the Holy Trinity"
  53. - H. G. Hilarion (Alfeev) of Wien, Moscow Patriarchate, Russia (IT - RU)
  54. - Hilde Kieboom, Sant'Egidio, Belgium
  55. Christian spirituality as life in the world. The light of Christ leading us towards repentance, metanoia and hope
  56. - Revd Dr. Stephanie Dietrich (Lutheran, Church of Norway ­ Norway) (DE)
  57. - Final Report Forum (EN)
  58. Forum 3 ­ Witness
  59. 'On the way to bearing witness to Christ: the one Light of the World ­ theological perspectives'
  60. - Professor Dr. Barbara Hallensleben, Dean of the Institute for Ecumenical Studies, University of Fribourg, Switzerland (DE - EN)
  61. 'On the way to bearing witness to Christ in secular Europe: a personal testimony'
  62. - Revd. Dr. Martin Atkins, Principal of Cliff College, Calver, Great Britain
  63. 'On the way to bearing witness to Christ in post-communist Europe: a personal testimony'
  64. - Mr Jorgo Papadhopuli, Executive Director 'Spirit of Love, Tirana, Albania (EN)

  65. Thursday, September 6

    The Light of Christ and Europe

    Europe, Religions and Migration

  66. Morning Prayer and Bible Meditation
  67. - His Eminence Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop of Milan (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  68. - Mr. Timi Dorgu, Church of England, England (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  69. - Ms. Ekaterina Pashtukova (Orthodox), Belarus (DE - EN - FR)
  70. Plenary
  71. Europe and the unification process
  72. - His Excellency Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Prime Minister of Romania
  73. - His Excellency Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission (DE - EN - FR)
  74. The Light of Christ and Europe
  75. - The Rt. Revd. & Rt. Hon. Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, Church of England, Anglican (EN)
  76. - His Beatitude Anastasios of Tirana and All Albania, Vice-President of CEC, Orthodox (DE - EN)
  77. Round Table ­ Witnesses
  78. - Europe: Commissioner Leonard Orban, member of the European Commission, Romania
  79. - Religions: Sr. Katrin Amell OP, Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nordic Countries (DE - EN - FR)
  80. - Migration: Sr. Joan Roddy, Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference
  81. Speech/Greeting
  82. - His Excellency René van der Linden, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (EN - IT)
  83. - Rev. Thomas Wipf, President of the Council of Protestant Churches in Europe, Protestant, Switzerland (DE - EN - FR)
  84. - A representative of the Jewish Community
  85. Fora on the sub-themes of the day
  86. Forum 4 ­ Europe
  87. European integration from churches' perspective
  88. - Noel Treanor, Secretary General of the COMECE
  89. - Rüdiger Noll, Director of the Church and Society Commission of the CEC
  90. The role of the churches in the developing of culture of cooperation between peoples and nations in Europe
  91. - Commissioner Jan Figel, European Commission, DG Education and Culture (EN)
  92. European integration: Perspectives of an enhanced dialogue between politics and religions
  93. - Metropolitan Daniel of Moldova and Bucovina
  94. Challenges of European development for the churches
  95. - Rev. Antje Heider-Rottwilm, Co-Moderator of the Church and Society Commission of the CEC
  96. - Bishop Adrianus van Luyn, President of the COMECE
  97. Forum 5 ­ Religions
  98. "How can religions contribute to the future and the vision of Europe as a continent based on mutual respect, reconciliation and just and peaceful cooperation?"
  99. "How can - in a partly secularized Europe - believers practise their faith, stand for their religious convictions and promote practical dialogue as well?"
  100. - H.E. Metropolitan Emmanuel Adamakis; Paris/Brussels
  101. - Mr. Dilwar Hussein, Great Britain
  102. - Rabbi Zinoviy Kogan, Russia
  103. - Muftiv Iusuf Muurat, Romania
  104. - Mrs. Anne Sender, Norway
  105. - Rev. Canon Andrew Wingate, Great Britain EN)
  106. Forum 6 ­ Migration
  107. Migration globally - migration in Europe
  108. - Input on migration: Trends and observations, Dr. Jeff Crisp
  109. - Input on churches' witness in European migration policy: Dr. Antonios Papantoniou, Reintegration Centre for migrant workers, Holy Synod Church of Greece
  110. Change and diversity ­ impact of migration in church and society
  111. - The experience of changing Roman Catholic presence in the Nordic countries (Mr. George Joseph, Caritas Sweden)
  112. - The experience of changing Protestant presence in Southern European countries (Dr. Annemarie Dupré, Refugee and migrant Service, Federation of Protestant Churches, Italy) (EN)
  113. - The experience of black majority churches in the UK (Bishop Joe Aldred, Church of God of Prophecy) (EN)
  114. - The experience of changing Orthodox presence in Western Europe (H.E. Metropolitan Joseph, Romanian Orthodox Metropoly of Western Europe and the Mediterranean)

  115. Friday, September 7

    The Light of Christ and the World

    Creation, Justice and Peace

  116. Morning Prayer and Bible Meditation
  117. - Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, Evangelical-Methodist Church, Germany (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  118. - Revd. Mesrop Parsamyan, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, Holy See of Etchmiadzin (DE - EN - FR)
  119. - Ms. Hilary Wilson, L' Arche Community (EN - FR)
  120. Plenary
  121. - Greetings
  122. - H.E. Archbishop "Major" Lucian Muresan, Archbishop of Fagaras and Alba Julia (RO)
  123. - Ms. Jet den Hollander, Representative of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Switzerland
  124. - Bishop Dr. Pap Géza, Bishop of the Reformed Church in Romania (EN)
  125. The Light of Christ and the World
  126. - Prof. Andrea Riccardi, St. Egidio Community, Italy (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  127. - Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, Evangelical-Methodist Church, Germany (DE - IT - FR)
  128. - His Holiness Karekin II (EN)
  129. Round Table ­ Witnesses
  130. - Creation: Lic. Elias Crisostomo Abramides, Ecumenical Patriarchate, Argentina, Orthodox
  131. - The experience of changing Protestant presence in Southern European countries (Dr. Annemarie Dupré, Refugee and migrant Service, Federation of Protestant Churches, Italy)
  132. - Justice: Ms Ingrid Naess Holm, Changemakers; Norway (EN)
  133. - Peace: Revd. Guirguis Ibrahim Saleh, General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches, Lebanon, Orthodox (EN)
  134. Reflection
  135. - Revd. Dr. Ishmael Noko, General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, Switzerland
  136. Fora on the sub-themes of the day
  137. Forum 7, Creation
  138. Intro to care for God's Creation (EN - DE - FR - IT)
  139. Care for Creation as part of the Christian lifestyle
  140. - Elaine Storkey, Institute of Contemporary Christianity
  141. - Metropolitan Chrystophor, Primate of the Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands and Slovakia (EN)
  142. - Dr Isabel Carter, United Kingdom (EN)
  143. Forum 8, Justice
  144. A Christian vision of vulnerable groups, poor, marginalized people in Europe, facing globalization OKRin Antje Heider-Rottwilm, Germany
  145. - Europe and Africa: A common destiny? Mr. Gpakile Félémou, Guinea Conacry (EN - DE - FR - IT)
  146. - Input on the Roma people, Gruie Bumbu, President Roma Agency, Romania
  147. - "New poverties and Christian answers",Father Igor Vyzhanov, Department for External Church Relations, Russian Ortodox Church (DE - EN - FR - IT)
  148. Forum 9 ­ Peace
  149. The process of reconciliation in Northern Ireland
  150. The Healing of Memories
  151. - Sr. Geraldine Smyth and Rev. Dieter Brandes
  152. A presentation on the Decade to Overcome Violence, focus on Europe
  153. - Revd. Geiko Müller-Fahrenholz
  154. The process of reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina

  155. Saturday, September 8

  156. Morning Plenary
  157. Greetings
  158. - Bishop Dr. Dezsó Zoltán Adorjáni, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Romania (HU)
  159. - Bishop László Tökes, Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania
  160. Report of the outcomes of the Fora
  161. - The Light of Christ and the Church: Unity, Spirituality, Witness
  162. - The Light of Christ and Europe: Europe, Religions, Migration
  163. - The Light of Christ and the World: Creation, Justice, Peace
  164. Plenary
  165. Evaluation of the Assembly
  166. - Annie Marcelo, Representative from Migrant Church, Italy
  167. - Vikarin Almut Bretschneider-Felzmann, Protestant, Germany
  168. - Archimandrite Fr. Gabriel Papanicolaou, Orthodox, Greece
  169. - Mrs Mary Judkin, Anglican, Great Britain
  170. - Dr. Stefan Vesper, Roman Catholic, Germany (DE)
  171. - Prof. Brendan Leahy, Roman Catholic, Ireland
  172. - Ms. Oana Tuduce, Greek-Catholic, Romania
  173. - His Excellency Mgr. Barry James Hickey, Roman Catholic, Australia
  174. Sermons
  175. - Metropolitan (now Patriarch) Daniel, Romania (EN - DE - FR - IT)
  176. - Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor (EN)

  177. Sunday, September 9

  178. Closing prayer
  179. - His Eminence Cardinal Jean Pierre Ricard, Vice President of CCEE ( - FR - EN - RO - HU)
  180. - Revd. Jean-Arnold de Clermont, President of CEC
  181. Witnesses
  182. - Ms. Vassiliki Goussi, Church of Greece, Orthodox
  183. - His Excellency Johannis Werner, Mayor of Sibiu
  184. - Ms. Silvia Toma, Romania
  185. - Revd. Dr. Attila Puskas, Hungary