EEA3 Stage 3: Programme and Speeches


First stage:
EEA3 3rd Stage
Ecumenical Encounter in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany,
15-18 February 2007

"The light of Christ shines upon all.
Rediscovering the gift of light that the Gospel of Christ represents
for Europe today"


    Thursday, February 15

    1. - Sermon by Bishop Axel Noack, Bishop of Kirchenprovinz Sachsen (EKD) - (DE - FR)
    2. Greetings
    3. - The Revd Jean-Arnold de Clermont, President of CEC and President of the French Protestant Federation
    4. - H.E. Cardinal Péter Erdö, President of CCEE and Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest and Primate of Hungary (DE)
    5. - Bishop Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Bishop of Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz and Chairman of the EKD Council (DE)
    6. - Bishop Walter Klaiber, (Methodist) Chairman of the Fellowship of Christian Churches, Germany
    7. - H.E. Bishop Dr. Gerhard Feige, Bishop of Magdeburg (Roman Catholic), Germany - (DE- EN - IT)
    8. Inputs on Secularisation as a challenge for Europe
    9. - H.E. Archbishop Jeremiasz of Wroclaw and Szczecin (Orthodox), Poland
    10. - Mgr Aldo Giordano, (Roman Catholic), General Secretary of CCEE, Italy - (EN - IT)
    11. - Prof. Dr. Grace Davie (Anglican), Professor of Sociology and Director of Centre for European Studies, University of Exeter, UK (EN)
    12. Evening prayer
    13. - The Revd Heikki Huttunen (Orthodox), General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in Finland (EN)

    14. Friday, February 16

    15. Stories of experiences and concerns of today
    16. - Germany: Pastor Almut Bretschneider-Felzmann (Lutheran), CEC Central Committee, EKD, Germany
    17. - Ireland: Mgr. Padraig Murphy (Roman Catholic), General Secretary of Churches Together in Ireland - (EN - DE - IT)
    18. - Bulgaria: Sr. Jolanta Galach (Roman Catholic), Bulgaria - (EN - DE - FR - IT)
    19. - Poland: Mr. Andrzej Wojtowicz (Lutheran), Director of the National Council of Churches, Poland
    20. - Finland: The Revd Heikki Huttunen (Orthodox), General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, Finland - (EN)
    21. - Serbia and Montenegro: Fr. Leopoldo Marco Rochmes OFM (Roman Catholic), Secretary of the Serbian Bishops' Conference, Serbia
    22. - Czech Republic: The Revd Hana Tonzarova-Skorepova (Hussite), Head of the Department for external relations of the Hussite Church, Czech Republic
    23. - Romania: The Revd Elfriede Dörr (Lutheran), Evangelical Church of the A.B. Confession in Romania, member of the CEC Central Committee, Romania
    24. Delegates' meeting with church- and other local officials
    25. - H.E. Dr. Horst Köhler, President of the Federal Republic of Germany "The contribution of Roman-Catholic theology to the ecumenical movement": H.E. Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, President of the French Bishops' Conference and Vice-president of CCEE, France - (DE -FR - EN- IT)
    26. - "The significance of Protestantism for Europe": The Revd Thomas Wipf (Reformed), President of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, member of the CEC Presidium, Switzerland (DE - EN - FR)

    27. Saturday, February 17

    28. Bible reflection and Morning prayer
    29. - The Revd Anthony Peck, General Secretary, European Baptist Federation, UK (EN - FR) - Meditation (EN)
    30. What is the churches' vision for Europe today?
    31. - The Revd Rüdiger Noll (Reformed), Director of CEC Church and Society Commission, Associate General Secretary, CEC (DE- EN - FR)
    32. - Mgr. Noël Treanor (Roman Catholic), General Secretary of COMECE (EN)
    33. - Dr. Joan Patricia Back (Roman Catholic), Italy (EN - IT)
    34. - Dr. Daniel Buda (Orthodox), EEA3 local organiser (CEC), Romania (DE)
    35. - Fr. Ruben Tierrablanca (Roman Catholic), Turkey (IT)
    36. - Ms. Olga Oleinik (Orthodox), General Secretary of SYNDESMOS, Belarus
    37. Preparations for Sibiu
    38. - "The Light of Christ and the Church", H.E. Metropolitan Gennadios of Sassima (EN)
    39. - "The Light of Christ and Europe", Ms. Doris Peschke (Lutheran), Director of the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe
    40. - "The Light of Christ and the World", Mr. Ulrich Pöner, Director of the German Bishops' Conference Department for International Church Affairs and Migration  (DE - EN)
    41. Reconciliation in Europe
    42. - Story of reconciliation from Sarajevo, Mr. Ivo Marcovic
    43. - Introduction to the Decade to Overcome Violence Europe Focus 2007, The Revd. Geiko Müller-Fahrenholz (Lutheran), Coordinator of the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC), WCC

    44. Sunday, February 18

    45. Common ecumenical sending prayer ( DE - EN - FR - IT)
    46. - Bishop Dr. Dr. h.c. Margot Kässmann (Lutheran), member of the EKD council and the CEC Central Committee (DE - EN- FR)
    47. - The Final Message (EN - IT)