June 5-7, 2006

    1. Third National Ecumenical meeting of the Federation of Protestant Churches, The Italian Conference of Bishops and the Ecumenical Patriarchate on the "Charta Oecumenica", Terni, Italy - (IT)

    2. August 24-28, 2006

    3. Third European missiology Conference. Europe after the Enlightenment: daring to practise mission in a Europe still trying to construct itself, Paris, France (FR - EN - SP)

    4. September 4-10, 2006

    5. Ora et labora. Week of prayer organised by the local churches.(DE - EN)

    6. November 10-11, 2006

    7. Irish Inter-Church Meeting (IICM). The Light of Christ shines upon all - the challenge of the Third European Ecumenical Assembly to issues facing the churches in Ireland. (EN) 4-10 September 2006 (Sibiu, Romania): Ora et labora. Week of prayer organsed by local churches.

    8. December 7, 2006

    9. Report of EEA3 Stage 2 meeting in Estonia.(EN)

    10. January 23, 2007

    11. 2nd Stage Youth EEA3 discussion in Helsinki, Finland. See the programme.(EN)

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