EEA3 2nd stage: Calendar of events




    1. - EEA3 1st stage: Ecumenical Encounter in Rome (Italy)
    2. - Luxemburg: The Council of Christian Churches in Luxemburg signed the Charta Oecumenica.


    1. - Aarau (Switzerland): documentation of the meeting.


    1. - Hannover (Germany): Exhibition on the EEA3


    1. - May 8 - 9: Ecumenical worship (Doc. in FR) in occasion of Europe's Day organized by the Christian communities in Brussels (Belgium)
    2. - May 13: Ecumenical worship service in the cathedral of St. Peter in Riga (Latvia)


    1. - June 2: Ecumenical prayer organised by Lux Mundi in the Chapel of the Eucharistic Missionaries of Nazareth, Malaga (Spain)
    2. - June 5 - 7: Third National Ecumenical meeting of the Federation of Protestant Churches, The Italian Conference of Bishops and the Ecumenical Patriarchate on the "Charta Oecumenica" in Terni (Italy)
    3. - June: Visit of Austrian media in Sibiu (Romania)
    4. - June 11, Siegburg (Germany): "The Light of Christ shines upon all. Hope for Renewal and Unity in Europe." Churches and parishes carry out a regional ecumenical day on their way to EEA3. Participants and organizers: Evangelischer Kirchenkreis An Sieg und Rhein (regional protestant church community) , roman-catholic deanery Siegburg-Sankt Augustin, Communauté protestante de langue française, Christ Apostolic Church, members of regional Christian Churches and parishes, various choirs of German and international parishes, CVLM trombone choir Sankt Augustin.
    5. - June 17: 'Ethics of peace on this side of Hindu Kush?' Reflecting on justice and peace in the new context. Study day at the Protestant Academy of Rhineland promoted by the "Study group Peace" of the "Ökumenischen Trägerkreis im Rheinland" (ecumenical working group of the Rhineland). or
    6. - June 30 - July 2, Bayern (Germany): Meeting of the workgroup "EU Constitution" of the Ökumenisches Netz Württemberg (report in German: Report 1 - Report 2)


    1. - August 24 - 28: Third European missiology Conference. Europe after the Enlightenment: daring to practise mission in a Europe still trying to construct itself in Paris (France)


    1. - Conference on Migration in Poland
    2. - September 4 - 6 in Sibiu (Romania): Ora et labora. Week of prayer organsed by local churches.
    3. - September 8: Night of the churches in Hannover (Germany): 'Europe invited to Lukas'.  A Europe-oriented programme: Gastronomy - Exhibition - Throughout Europe - Music and panel on: Building the future of Europe - the contribution of Christian Churches? With Margot Kässmann, bishop of the regional evangelical church und and ecumenical guests.
    4. - September 9: Ökumenisches Stadtkirchenfest - Ecumenical City Church celebration,  the Christian Churches around the St. Marienkirche in Central Berlin celebrate under the theme "Auf gute Nachbarschaft!" (DE)
    5. - September 11-13: Stage 2 in Serbia and Montenegro (Programme in Italian).
    6. - September 27 to October 1: ECEN holds its next assembly in Sweden. It provides a good opportunity to work on the environmental contribution to the Sibiu Assembly.
    7. - September 27 - 29: The role of the churches in the European unifying process and the contribution of the North-Elbian churches - A North-Elbian Meeting on the Way to Sibiu
    8. - September 29 - 30 (Bulgaria): Conference on "Christianity in Europe" with speeches on: the European Constitution and Christianity; Christian Bulgaria in Europe; Christian family in united Europe; the dialogue between Christian Churches and other religions.
    9. October

      1. - October 4: "Journée de Formation - Ecole de la Parole" in Lausanne-Ouchy (Switzerland). Meeting with Noel Ruffieux, an orthodox biblist, on the theme "Le Christ, lumière pour tous". For more information:
      2. - EEA3 meeting of the Estonia Council of Churches in Tallinn (Estonia)
      3. - Autumn: Meeting of the ecumenical council under the theme "Social and environmental responsibility of Finnish/Trans-national firms" in Finland
      4. - October 27 - 29: Preparatory meeting for EEA3 in Bad Boll (Germany). Protestant Academy Bad Boll in cooperation with ACK Baden-Württemberg, Service for mission, ecumenism and development Württemberg and Ecumenical network Württemberg,


      1. - November 10 - 11: Irish Inter-Church Meeting (IICM). The light of Christ shines upon all - the challenge of the Third European Ecumenical Assembly to issues facing the churches in Ireland.
      2. - November 15 - 17: European liturgical workshop in Hildesheim (Germany) under the theme  "Prayers for Sibiu". A cooperation of the service for worship and sacred music of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hannover and the project service of EEA3 of the Protestant Church in Germany.
      3. - November 16, West Vlaanderen (Belgium): meeting of the ecumenical study-, pray-, and workgroup of West-Vlaanderen (Report).
      4. - November 2006 - November 2007: National campaign on "Respect" for children and young people from 12 to 21 years, starting within the ecumenical decade for peace 2006, promoted by the open forum for the decade to overcome violence and the working group of protestant youth (aej).
      5. - November 24 - 25: Mutmachpapier der Dekadekonferenz des Christinnenrates (Würzburg).
      6. - November 30, Vienna (Austria): Meeting of the Nationals Councils of Churches of Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Final Declaration.


      1. - December 4 - 6: National Open Meeting on the EEA3 at the protestant Academy of  Loccum, Germany, for all participants or those interested in the regional preparation process of the EEA3. Carried out by the ecumenical headquarters of the Council of Christian churches (ACK) in cooperation with the Protestant Academy Loccum and the ecumenical preparation committee of EEA3 - and
      2. - December 7: Preparatory meeting for EEA3 in Estonia (Tallinn). See the report.



      1. - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2007 (Hungary): Ecumenical meeting in Gyula
      2. - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2007 (Czech Republic): Ecumenical meeting of the National Council of Churches and the Czech Bishops' Coference on the Charta Oecumenica and the EEA3 Assembly in Sibiu
      3. - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2007 (Belgium): Common ecumenical celebration, focusing on the EEA3 process
      4. - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2007: A special collection for Sibiu in the churches in France
      5. - January 20 (Spain): The road of St. Vincent (Valencia, Spain). See the report.
      6. - January 23: 2nd Stage Youth discussion in Helsinki (Finland). See the programme.


      1. - February 15 - 18: EEA3 3rd stage: Ecumenical Encounter in Wittenberg (Germany)
      2. - February 19 - 20, Barcelona (Spain): 42nd Session of Pastoral Issues (XLII Jornades de Qüestions Pastorals) on "Spiritual and Charitable Ecumenism. Moving forward with the Third European Ecumenical Assembly". Meeting organised by  Barcelona Archdiocese's Ecumenism Office and Centre Sacerdotal Montalegre. (Programme in English)
      3. - Februay 26 - March 2: Europe Conference in Breklum (Germany). Theme: 'The role of the churches in the European unifying process and the contribution of the North-Elbian churches - A North-Elbian Meeting on the Way to Sibiu." Christian Jensen Kolleg.


      1. - Switzerland: Preparatory meeting for Swiss delegates for Sibiu
      2. - March 10-11, Klausenburg (Romania): Meeting on the Charta Oecumenica and the 9 Themes of EEA3 Forums. The meeting is organised by the Movimento dei Focolari of Romania in the Orthodox theological faculty.
      3. - March 17, Paris (France): National congress of Pax Christi France on "Peace, Environment and Life Styles" in context of the Ecumenical Assembly


      1. - April 16 - 18: Meeting of the general secretaries of the National Councils of Churches in Budapest (Hungary).
      2. - EEA3 Central European consultation with a pilgrimage in Budapest (Hungary)
      3. - Belgium: Pax Christi Study Session on relations between the European Union and Russia, and on the role of all European Christian Churches in peace-building.
      4. - April 14: The Council of Churches of Milan signs the Charta Oecumenica.
      5. - April 14 - 15, Milan (Italy): Pax Christi in cooperation with other NGOs: national ecumenical event for young people on "The light of Christ and the Justice of Kingdom: Young People Towards the Third Ecumenical Assembly".
      6. - 24 April - 5 May (Austria / Romania): Pilgrimage from Austria (Bremen) to Romania (Sibiu) organised by the Diakonische Werk and the Evangelische Bildungswerk. Programme (DE).
      7. - April 26, Dunblane (England): Churches in Britain and Ireland, Seminars on the Ecumenical Movement (Third Series, 2007) "An Introduction to the Lutheran Tradition" (EN)


      1. - Pentecost: Common Ecumenical Worship Services of Pentecost 2007 (Estonia)
      2. - May 4, Vienna (Austria): Study day for representatives of the Ecumenical Council of Austria and the Austrian delegates to the Third European Ecumenical Assembly: "Wirtschaft(en) im Dienst des Lebens" (Economy in the Service of Life).
      3. - May 12, Stuttgart (Germany):  'Miteinander für Europa'. Europe-meeting of Christian communities and movements.
      4. - May 15, Dunblane (England): Churches in Britain and Ireland, Seminars on the Ecumenical Movement (Third Series, 2007) "Presenting the Roman Catholic Tradition" (EN)
      5. - Pentecost Vigils on May 26 (Belgium): Pax Christi organized a Pentecost Vigil on the theme "The light of Christ shines upon all" in each diocese.
      6. - Porto Pentecost VigilÊMay 26Ê(Portugal): National Ecumenical Day. See the poster.


      1. - June 6 - 10: "Living and active and sharper" (Hebrews 4:12) , 31st German Protestant Kirchentag in Cologne. Europe is one of the major topics.
      2. - June 11 - 12, Dunblane (England): British and Irish Church Delegates' EEA3 Preparatory Conference (EN)
      3. - June 14 - 17: Church and peace: "Not by might nor by power..." - A conference on vulnerability and security. Corrymeela Community, Ballycastle (Northern Ireland) (Programme in DE - EN - FR)